Carpal Tunnel Herbs

When someone has carpal tunnel syndrome they can often get pain in their hands as well as numbness and it can be quite debilitating.

It is caused when the median nerve, which travels through the carpal tunnel, is compressed. Sufferers will want to do anything to relieve the symptoms but a lot of people don’t consider trying Carpal Tunnel Herbs.

Carpal Tunnel Herbs Carpal Tunnel Herbs

Which Carpal Tunnel Herbs can be used to treat the condition?

There are a number of Carpal Tunnel Herbs and supplements that can be used to help ease the symptoms of the condition.

The first to consider is Vitamin B6. This has actually been shown to relieve a number of conditions and according to Thomas Kruzel, who is a doctor specializing in naturopathy, it works best on cases which are not too serious.

He recommends 50mg a day, and stresses that it can take up to 12 weeks to experience the full benefit of this vitamin.

Other herbs for carpal tunnel syndrome include St John’s Wort. It has long been recognized that this herb can help with mild cases of depression but it can also help damaged nerves.

It has a slightly sedative effect and has also been shown to be anti-inflammatory but bear in mind that the effect will not be as fast as if you take NSAIDs for example. It will usually take several weeks to start having a beneficial effect.

It should be noted that St Johns Wort has been known to reduce efficacy of some other prescription drugs, most notably the contraceptive pill, so as with any supplement it is a good idea to speak with your doctor before you start taking it.

Did you know that pineapples could help with your carpal tunnel symptoms?

Bromelain is found in pineapples and has a natural anti inflammatory effect. It also has some mild pain relieving properties. Dr Kruzel suggests taking 1000mg of bromelain two or three times a day.

Another useful carpal tunnel supplement is flaxseed oil. This is rich in omega 3 which can stop inflammation.

This is why oils such as cod liver oil (also rich in omega 3) are often suggested to keep joints supple and help with the pain of arthritis. The benefits of this supplement should be felt within 2-4 weeks but it is essential to use a good quality oil.

Of course, fish oils are an alternative but the taste of them can be quite unpleasant.

The final recommended herbal supplement that may help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms is turmeric.

This is often used in Indian cooking and has a deep yellow color when in powdered form. It contains curcumin which is another anti inflammatory agent.

The effect of this is similar to (but not as strong as) cortisone which is sometimes used to treat carpal tunnel but Dr Kruzel says that turmeric is much easier for the body to deal with and has less side effects.

So why use Carpal Tunnel Herbs?

Herbs for carpal tunnel syndrome are a good self-help solution, especially if you believe in a holistic approach to healthcare. Used alongside conventional medicine, massage or physiotherapy, and maybe even meditation, they can greatly improve the condition of someone who suffers from this painful condition.

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